How it Works


First check that we deliver to your area: click on ‘Register’ and enter your postcode. If your postcode is outside our delivery area, please get in touch, we may be able to add you to our route.


Set up your account
Complete the simple registration process and start shopping.


Once you have registered, follow the links to set up a payment method with Go Cardless. Payment will only be taken after you recieve your order (up to a week after delivery). Once you have an account and payment method set up with us, you have the flexibility to order a veg box whenever you like. 


Standard veg boxes
For great value, choose from our selection of veg boxes. You can create your own likes and dislikes and top-up with additional produce. Veg box type and size can be changed whenever it suits.


Bespoke veg boxes
You can choose your own box content for a minimum spend of £18. Select any items (veg, fruit, pantry etc) from our Online Shop page.



You can choose from our 2 sizes of fruit bags or you can add fruit items to your veg box. 

Please note that we do not delivery standard fruit bags on their own.  A standard fruit bag will need to be accompanied by a vegetable order so that the total spend is at least £18.


Deliveries can be set up weekly, fortnightly or whenever you like. Up to 2 dislikes can be set up for a weekly or fortnightly delivery or you can change your dislikes each week.

If you find you would like more potatoes (for example) in your box, you can add extra to a standard veg box. If you like potatoes but don’t want too many, you can order a ‘fewer roots box’ and add the quantity of potatoes you require.

Extra veg, fruit and other items can be added to a standard veg box at any time.


Confirm your order
Always click on ‘Confirm’ to ensure your order (or any changes to your order) will be processed.