750g fresh spinach
5 spring onions
small bunch of parsley
150g feta, crumbled
150g ricotta
2 small eggs
50ml olive oil
6 sheets filo pastry
pinch of nutmeg
salt and pepper
  • Heat the oven to 180C
  • Remove any tough stalks from the spinach, rinse then place it in a steamer over a medium heat
  • Put the lid on the pan and steam for a few minutes, until the spinach is wilted
  • Tip into a colander, press out the excess liquid and squeeze dry. Set aside to cool
  • Finely chop the spring onions and parsley
  • Chop the feta cheese into cubes
  • Put the cooled spinach into a bowl with the spring onions, parsley, feta and ricotta
  • Beat the eggs, then mix in along with the nutmeg and season well
  • Brush a 30cm x 20cm x 5cm ovenproof dish (or similar) with olive oil and lay in a sheet of filo lengthways
  • Brush with more oil and add another layer of pastry
  • Repeat, brushing with oil between the layers, until you have built up a pastry base that's 3 layers deep
  • Lay on two further layers, crossways, leaving them hanging over the sides, and brush these with oil, too
  • Spread the filling evenly over the filo, fold over the crossways layers, then any edges from the lengthways layers
  • Cover the top with the remaining layers of filo, brushing with oil as you go. Brush the top with oil, too
  • Bake for 30-35 minutes
Original Source: 

Izzy Silvester