Premature tubers

Many of you will know of my love of the first potato. The very first are lifted with a garden fork as we sample, expectantly to check the progress of the tubers.  When they are ready we use a simple, single row machine which lifts the plants and dumps  them unceremoniously  on the soil.  We shake the premature tubers from their mother plant and collect  them by hand.  As with most of what we do, we are close to the land and the sense of something timeless is only enhanced by the stones that we grab from our rocky soil, to help to move soil and unearth buried tubers.  We have grown the variety ‘Milva’ for many years now, having found them to thrive in our organic system.  Indeed, such is the speed with which they ‘bulk up’,  they have overtaken our ‘early’ variety the inappropriately named ‘Athlete’.  

So, the people have voted and we are to leave the European Union.  The EU has done much for organic farming and as we begin to regulate ourselves I hope that we can improve on its legacy and enhance systems which protect our environment and produce good food.  We have little time to make our voices heard, such is the pressure of work, but there can be few issues more important.


Thank you, Richard

Date Published: 
Tuesday, 5 July, 2016