Lazy weeding

Thank you for the concern some of you have shown over our leek losses.  In a good year their potential value could have been about £7200 but half of this would have gone in harvesting and trimming them for sale so the loss is less.  In fact harvesting, grading and packing costs can make up the largest part of the price of any crop so the knack is to reduce growing costs as much as possible. This neatly segues into our recent purchase of a ‘lazy weeder’.  This is a ‘machine’ which suspends  up to nine workers, lying face down on canvas cots over crop rows. It is tractor drawn very slowly, possibly as little as 100m/h so that said suspended persons can weed the crop.  Although it sounds like a form of medieval torture, it reduces weeding costs hugely and injects a sense of camaraderie into the job of weeding.  So, gone now, are the days of crawling through crops on aching hands and knees which we have done for years.  Ideally and with care, hand weeding can be reduced to a minimum but just the presence of the lazy weeder lifts spirits on the farm.  Go to our facebook page for pictures.

Thank you    Richard Plowright

Date Published: 
Wednesday, 29 June, 2016