The crafty crow

When we survived the ravages of wireworm in 2006 I did not imagine that, ten years on, I would be faced with the same plague.  I have been powerless to do anything but watch the slow demise of 24,000 of our leeks as they are uprooted by just a few crafty crows, a single family in fact. The crows have a scout which keeps watch and they are methodical in their fishing; moving to a new area if their plant pulling is unproductive. They eat the click beetle larvae which are themselves feeding on the base of the leek stems. In fact the crows are removing a pest; if only they would re-plant the leeks! Fortunately this loss is offset by the beginnings of the other bountiful crops which now surround us. Even in my most difficult veg growing moments there has always been some perspective provided by another crop or the sense that next year will be better.

The madness of July is almost upon us.  It’s not a month for the fainthearted grower as it demands long hours to keep pace with the exuberant growth of crops and weeds, while at the same time planting the crops which will see us through the winter months to come.

Date Published: 
Friday, 24 June, 2016