Life affirming stuff

As I usually do after a gap in writing to you, I look back for a while.  It was sweetcorn days then and now those plants stand with their browned leaves rattling in the autumn breeze.   The sweetcorn was really good this year wasn’t it?  
To put it mildly, September was a tricky month with experienced staff leaving in August. Yet, in a very life affirming way, four unknown pairs of working hands arrived to hold the reins. We muddled through and there was something uplifting in the change; it was fun in spite of the pressure.  The cavalry, in the form of Adam, our new assistant vegetable grower, arrived in October bringing more welcome energy and enthusiasm.
The warm dry weather has been kind to us, expanding the time for the many autumn tasks.  Nevertheless we still have some potatoes in the ground and squash to collect.  Garlic, salad and broad beans to plant.  The potato harvest fell prey to machinery failures, which were all the more frustrating because I had chosen to ignore the warning signs.  And so, on more than one perfect day, the tractors stood idle and the team paced in the field willing a quick repair.

You should be aware of our new website as I have mentioned it too often.  I hope you can all find time to ‘log in’ and familiarise yourself with the time saving (for me) 

things it can do.   One of these is to set up a direct debit through our payment gateway, Gocardless.  We would like, in time, to move to weekly payments instead of the monthly, in arrears method we have been using. The direct debit is the only practical and affordable way of doing this.  
Not that I’m short of material to write about but I rotavated my phone last Friday. As I looked back anxiously over the worked ground where it was incorporated, the entire contents of the phone’s memory flashed before me.  I crawled and dug over the soil almost weeping at the loss when, to my relief, it surfaced in its US military case, dusty but unscathed.

Date Published: 
Thursday, 30 October, 2014