150,000 Onions Planted!

They say you should plant your onions before the end of April or face a yield penalty and so I’m pleased to say that the last one of 150,000 went into the ground at about 6.45 this evening, while we are still eating the remnants of last year’s crop!  I made a short video of the planting, which I will post on our facebook page. It’s quite interesting.

For most of the afternoon we were accompanied by a single Pied wagtail; dashing around us, feeding on insects in the bare earth.  I see them often and sense an unspoken bond.  I don’t know if it’s always the same bird? I don’t suppose it is.  It doesn’t seem to affect our relationship.

You might be surprised to know that the tractor cab is a very good vantage point for watching birds.  They seem to become accustomed to its slow lumbering and monotonous movement and tones.  Farm birds such as buzzards, hawks, crows and pheasants as well as our wagtail friend and others allow you to pass very close as long as you stay in the cab. 

Last Friday we proudly started planting in our reinstated Spanish polytunnel (these are the big cloche type things that Strawberry growers use up and down the country).  Sadly I forgot to heed the forecast of strong winds and awoke on Saturday to a worsening crisis as the winds flattened the hoops almost to breaking point.  I vented the sides to reduce the strain and although it looks a bit asymmetrical, thankfully it survived.

Next week Remke and I will be on holiday visiting Remke’s family on the Isle of Jura.  Do not fear for we will be leaving you in the capable hands of Mark, Dan & Owen and so the vegetables will still complete the journey to your table.  As I write I am into my 18th hour of work this day and the thought of the deafening peace of Jura is very appealing.

Date Published: 
Thursday, 1 May, 2014