A New Delivery Van!

Those of you that get to see Dan as he delivers and who know stuff about vans will have noticed that the van has changed.  The cam belt snapped on the last one, rendering it of scrap value and suddenly presenting us with an unexpected bill.  The new one is about to be adorned with a new version of our old branding.  I hope you like it and when you see it, I hope it fills you with the same sense of new and exciting possibilities that it does for me!

Another new development is the planned upgrade of our website.  The current one seems to turn away as many customers as it welcomes and there are still people who it just won’t entertain.  These attributes while being those you might applaud in a guard dog or bouncer, are less useful in a website aiming to promote the consumption of fine organic vegetables.  So we will be calling time and launching a new one later in the year when everyone is back from holidays - probably in September.

The ground is beginning to warm up now but it is still significantly warmer in the polytunnel where beetroot that we planted 10 days ago is literally jumping with growth. Mark and Owen crawled painstakingly on painful knees over the lines of carrots last week and they too (the carrots that is) seem to have leapt into life, released from the weed competition.  In the potatoes we hoed the first flush of tiny weed seedlings before they could establish.  With weeding as with so many things a stitch in time saves nine.  In fact, the best time to control weeds is before you can see seedlings i.e. when they have just ‘chitted out’ in the surface layer of soil.

We have Scottish carrots this week as ours have pretty much come to an end.  Interestingly nobody came to the farm this week, tempted by my offer of a free bag of grade-out carrots!

And finally I wanted to wish Joan a very Happy 90th Birthday and to thank her for every note of appreciation that she has clipped to her returned box.  Every week for 11 years - thank you.

Our final batch of cauliflower is ready now.  It’s an April variety called Chester and in all the vegboxes this week.  It’s a difficult crop to manage at this time of year because they all mature within a narrow time frame so enjoy these while they last!

Date Published: 
Thursday, 24 April, 2014