5-a-day should be replaced by 7-a-day!

Once again it turns out that my mum was right and we should all eat more vegetables.   No doubt you will have heard that research has suggested that 5-a-day should be replaced by 7-a-day. It took me a long time to heed my mum’s advice and, as a child, I distinctly remember sitting in front of a plate of sprouts, refusing to eat them in spite of the allure of being allowed out to play once I had finished.  It seems strange to me now that so many of us don’t eat enough vegetables.  I think only 30% of adults reach the 5-a-day target. I wonder if it came from those early experiences.  You would think that children’s bodies would be programmed to consume what they need and so to crave vegetables instead of sugar, salt and fat.  Funnily enough, even though our May (who is 4 next week), has been surrounded by vegetables from day one, she too has begun to get more ‘picky’ with her veg. Having said that, she loves beetroot and the promise of beetroot can get her through less attractive food!

We planted our early potatoes (Novella) and some of the second earlies (Milva) on Monday after a drying week-end.  Just as we finished, heavy showers forced us from the field and I wondered whether we are going to have an early season where we have to grab moments to work in between the rain. 

The polytunnels provide somewhere to work out of the rain and wind at this time of year.  Later they will become unpleasantly hot, but in early spring the environment in them is lovely. The carrots are up and looking fairly weed free thanks to flaming along the rows to kill seedling weeds just before the carrots emerged.  We have also planted more salad.

Date Published: 
Thursday, 3 April, 2014