6 Months Since We Planted Spring Greens!

It is now 6 months since we planted our spring greens.  I know that because they were planted on the day our Bess was born. Bess is quite little (petite I think is the word) and has only just doubled her birth weight, sadly, so are the greens, which are still not quite ready to cut.  I think I need to go through them with the weeders to get some air into the soil, which in turn will help the release of minerals needed by the plants.  This is where the Bess/Veg link should end, but I did notice that Remke has Bess’s ‘Moses’ basket resting on an upturned vegetable crate by the side of the bed.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago we are fast approaching the end of the 2013 vegetable season.  The crops that we are harvesting from the ground each week are now just leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, purple sprouting, parsnips and salad.  We have other crops in our store, of course, and one of these, squash, plays a vital part in nourishing us at this time of year.  The squash in the vegboxes over the last few weeks is crown prince, which stores longer than most.  We have waited as long as we dare, but now we really need to eat them!  They are absolutely lovely in almost any dish but for the best and simplest of all, see today’s recipe.

Squash storage is a fine art.  In 2013 the squash matured nicely in the late summer sun.  Without the sun, squash have to be cured at 25C for the first week in a ventilated and insulated store and then, ideally, kept at a minimum of 10C.  We use an old refrigerated lorry back with sections cut out for ventilation.

Date Published: 
Thursday, 27 March, 2014