Free Savoy Cabbage This Week

Many of you will know that we are rapidly approaching the ‘hungry gap’.  This is a period when our winter crops are coming to an end and the new season crops are not yet ready.  April can be tricky but in fact May is the most difficult time for UK vegetables and without protected cropping, June would be also be challenging.  It’s very much at odds with how most people are feeling. When spring has sprung and May is budding, I often get asked of the whereabouts of all the lovely spring crops.  “Do you mean swede?” I often reply.

Our crops are slowly coming to an end but I am very pleased with how we are doing because everything in the vegboxes is still coming from our farm.  It will remain that way for some time and we still have spring greens (planted in September) to look forward to.

We have been pacing around in circles as we wait for the ground to dry up enough for us to prepare for the new season. It can be a bit like watching a kettle boil.  Normally, we would be out spreading compost and cultivating by now.  Our seed potatoes arrived last week and we are some weeks off being able to plant them.  It is more than likely now, that we will put them in chitting trays to develop strong shoots in the light.  While this is common practice, more often I like to save a job and just plant them straight from the bag.

You will be pleased to learn that we have given you all a FREE Savoy cabbage this week.  If you don’t have one this week you will get one next week.  We removed the outer leaves, as they were a bit spotty from an Alternaria-like fungus, which has thrived in this mild, wet winter. They do look a bit naked but they taste lovely.

You will probably be less pleased to see our new leaflet in your vegbox but I hope you don’t mind passing it on to a friend. 

Date Published: 
Thursday, 6 March, 2014