Celery, Onions & Broad Beans all Survived the Winter!

As we cut spinach this morning I realised that we had cut some spinach every week since the end of May last year.  We have cut thousands of bags, with every leaf cut by hand.  It’s a testament to the very mild winter because spinach growth in the field, normally comes to a halt with the first frosts.  The other miracle of the season is our green celery (in all the vegboxes this week) which has thrived in this winter of mild rain.  It’s really for cooking and adding that little something to a soup but the younger shoots can be eaten raw as I know some of the hardier amongst you like to do.  Other beneficiaries of the weather are the autumn planted onions and broad beans, both a bit battered by the wind but looking good all the same.  A couple of weeks ago I forecasted the maturation of our next cauliflower variety.  It seems that I was a bit premature and I now think we are looking at next week.  Cauliflower is a funny crop.  If you start cutting them too soon you are always in front, always searching hard to find any to cut.  If you are late you are always trying to catch up amongst a field of cauli which are all ready to cut and you never quite do (catch up). Yet another metaphor for life, of which there seem to be many in the natural world of vegetable growing!

Having got off to a productive start in 2014, I was too ill to write a newsletter last week because of flu. Five month old Bess also had it and there are no prizes for guessing who won the battle for Remke’s attention. I’m not bitter. I hope you like the new A5 format and the attractive branding. As many of you will know, we have had this branding for a few years, ever since the completion of the ‘farm sign’ project in 2010.  The difference is that now we have decided to use it .

Incidentally the ‘fs’ project has entered a new phase because the wind blew half of the existing sign into the Bristol channel.

I have been surprised by the amount of interest in collection points especially in this age of next day home delivery. It’s very interesting. We are looking for people to host collection points for our vegboxes. If you know someone who might be interested please get in touch for more information.  There are discounts on collected vegboxes.

Date Published: 
Thursday, 20 February, 2014