More Collection Points Needed!

The way the media is today you could be forgiven for thinking that important food issues, such as food miles and genetic modification, have been dealt with.  Forever seeking headlines, important issues move from the front to the back pages and sometimes out of our minds.  The food miles issue is one that has resurfaced in my mind recently. We were discussing plans to establish collection points for our vegboxes and it was mentioned that collection points would reduce food miles.  I am slightly embarrassed to say that I had a “Oh yes food miles, I remember them in the 90’s” moment. In the thick of growing vegetables I find there is very little, if any, time to focus on the ‘big picture’ so I will forgive myself. Nevertheless, I have decided to give some time each day to remind myself what we are doing and why organic farming and local food is important.

I have just deleted a line which promised not to talk too much about the weather and I’m feeling pretty relieved about not committing to that, since the weather has a major influence on what we do. 

Anyway, it goes without saying that rain is becoming increasingly troublesome as the year progresses.  Our seed potatoes are about to arrive and at this rate it won’t be dry enough to plant them until the end of April.  Mind you, last year we had to store them in our cold room to keep them warm.  You might remember that bitterly cold period, which delayed the season.  Funnily enough this winter has been so mild that our over-wintered crops are now maturing early.  We should have cauliflowers ready for next week, about 3 weeks earlier than expected.

I have spent the last week ordering plants and seed for the coming season and negotiating the purchase of a few items of ‘kit’ which should help us to grow even better veg.  It’s an expectant time of year, made even more so by the rain which acts as a brake to field work.  Yet as the days lengthen it feels more and more like we are cranking up to the top of the first peak of the roller coaster ready to plunge into the year.

Date Published: 
Saturday, 1 February, 2014