Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know it’s organic?

We are certified organic by the Soil Association, the UK's leading certifier and sister of the well known organic farming charity. We are inspected annually and a thorough check is made of all aspects of the farm business from the seed we sow to the way we farm and how we pack our vegetables. The Soil Association certifies to a legal EU requirement for organic production and in many cases their standards exceed the European minimum. This is organic food that you can trust.


Am I signed into any contract?

No! We pride ourselves on being as flexible as we can. You can cancel your box, free of charge, at any time. If you are going on holiday we can simply suspend the order for a week or two. You can do this online after you have logged in. We just ask that you make any changes before 10pm on Monday if you normally have a Wednesday delivery, and 10pm on Tuesday if you have a Thursday or Friday delivery.


How much control do I have over what’s in the box?

Our standard boxes usually consist of three staple, carrots, potatoes and onions, and the rest will be made up of whatever we have growing that week depending on what is in season. If there are any items you don’t like you can add them to your dislikes and you won’t receive those items. Similarly if there are any items that you particularly like we will do our best to put them in your box when they are in season. Likes and dislikes can be set up in your orders page online.


Do I have to be in to receive my delivery?

Not at all, in fact most of our customers are not in when we deliver. When you register your details just tell us where you want the box left or if you do need to make any special arrangements please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Do I have to order a standard box to get free delivery?

No. You can make up your own order online if you wish; the minimum spend is £12.50. However, we would suggest going for one of our standard boxes as they are better value.


Can I add extras to my weekly order?

Of course! You can change your order as much as you like, for example you could have a weekly medium veg box plus extra salad and potatoes. If you had family or friends staying one week you could upgrade to a large box just for one week. This can all be done online too, using your account.


When is the cut off point for any changes to my order?

Any new orders or changes to your orders should be made by 10pm on Monday for a Wednesday delivery (Bristol, Burnham, North Somerset), or 10pm on Tuesday for a Thursday or Friday delivery (Taunton Deane, Sedgemoor and West Somerset). 


Do I have to have a box every week?

No, you can have a delivery every other week if that suits you or simply shop with us when you want to. You can also alternate between weeks, so for example one week you could have a large box and a fruit bag, and the next week you might find just a small box and fruit bag will get you through. This can be done automatically so you won’t need to do anything once it has been set up online.


Why are we better than buying from a supermarket?

Freshness – you may well have a lettuce in your box that had been harvested just hours beforehand, you really can’t get much fresher than that!

Quality – the quality of organic vegetables really is fantastic, you won’t believe how much tastier they are. A lot of veg looses its nutritional value when it is sprayed with pesticides, they also loose a lot of nutrients when they are washed with harsh chemicals to look good for the supermarket shelves. We get our veg to you in its most natural form, even if this does mean there’s a bit of mud on your potatoes – at least you know they are still full of goodness!

Local- Every £1.00 spent with Plowright is going back into local Somerset economy

Of course it worth saying everything we sell is organic, GM, pesticide and herbicide free and grown in way that leaves the smallest footprint on our land. We encourage biodiversity through the use of sustainable composting, wide field margins, hedges, trees and in our own apple orchard. When we do have to use external suppliers we look for local first and try do everything we can to extend the growing season in a sustainable way.


How do I pay?

Our payment provider is‘GoCardless,’ which operates through a Direct Debit mandate online and makes payments quick, easy and safe for both parties. You will always be notified before a payment is going to be taken and can cancel at any time. Every week your account will be debited to the value of your order that week and any outstanding balance on your account. So if you didn’t order one week and your account with us is at a £0.00 balance then nothing will be debited from your bank account. 


Can I select a delivery day or time?

We're afraid not, as we operate set delivery rounds based on your postcode. This ensures delivery rounds are efficient and helps to reduce our carbon footprint. Deliveries will always be made on the same day each week and at roughly the same time of day. If it is easier for you we can deliver to your work place, a friend or relative. Alternatively you can tell us a place we can leave your box, such as garage or porch.


Is there a minimum order?

Minimum order is either a small veg box, OR £12.50 worth of produce in a box you've made up yourself.


What happens if I get something unfamiliar in my box?

Each week we will email you with at least one seasonal, veg based recipe suggestion. If there is something slightly unusual in the box, we will try to give you a recipe idea using this item. You can also take a look at the recipe page on our website, where you can search for recipes by ingredient. If you are really stuck, do call us as we will always be happy to help.