Taunton Vegetable Box Delivery

Taunton organic vegetable box deliveries

We have been delivering organic vegetable boxes to customers’ homes in Taunton for about a decade now.

Deliveries of our Plowright Organic veg boxes are made throughout Taunton Deane and Sedgemoor each Thursday. It’s our longest day for deliveries, stretching from 7.30am to 5.30pm, so if you would like to know the time we will be with you in advance of your delivery, please contact the farm.

If you would like us to leave your veg box in a safe place, we will gladly do so, on request.

At Plowright Organic, we believe that people should be able to buy fresh, organic vegetables at an affordable rate. Remaining local, reducing and reusing packaging and cutting out the middle man enables us to deliver veg boxes throughout Taunton at an extremely competitive rate. You can order a pre-designed veg box with home delivery to Taunton for as little as £9.70 per week. Alternatively, you can make up your own box from our online shop for a minimum spend of £12.50. This price includes the cost of delivery to your Taunton address.

We are a small, family run business, delivering around 200 vegboxes throughout Taunton Deane, West Somerset, Sedgemoor, North Somerset and Bristol each week. This means that we are able to maintain extremely high standards, as each box is created with love and care on our Somerset farm. Our commitment to remaining local also means that our produce is fresh when it reaches you. The vegetables that go into our veg boxes are harvested and packed on Wednesdays for delivery in Taunton on Thursdays. We ask that all orders are placed by 10pm on Tuesday for delivery to Taunton that week. Please visit the online shop to place your order. Alternatively you can email plowrightorganic@gmail.com, or call 01278 734580.

At present, we don’t have any collection points set up in Taunton. Would you like to host one? Or do you think your place of work would act as a collection point? This would allow everyone there to receive reduced price boxes, while giving you a safe place to store your veg box while you’re at work. Please visit the Collect and Save page of the website for further details.

If you live on the outskirts of Taunton, but the website tells you that you’re not in our veg box delivery area, please do make a delivery enquiry. It may be that we can fit you into our Taunton round.