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Product nameCategory
Apples - Ashmeads Kernel (homegrown) £2.58/600gFruit
Avocado £1.50Salad and fresh herbs
Beetroot (homegrown) £1.32/600gJuicing
Beetroot - 5kg bag (homegrown) £9.50Bagged root veg
Broccoli (homegrown) £2.65/500gVegetables
Brussel sprouts (homegrown) £2.00/500gVegetables
Cabbage - January King (homegrown) £1.65Vegetables
Cabbage - Savoy (homegrown) £1.65Vegetables
Cabbage - white (homegrown) £1.65Salad and fresh herbs
Carrots (homegrown)Juicing
Cauliflower - white (homegrown) £2.40Vegetables
Celeriac (homegrown) £2.05Vegetables
Celery (UK grown) £1.80Juicing
Chard - Rainbow (homegrown) £2.40/300gVegetables
Chilli pepper - Fire Flame x 3 (homegrown) £1.35Vegetables
Cooking apples - Bramley (homegrown) £2.60/1KgFruit
Courgette £2.55/500gVegetables
Eggs - 1/2 dozen £2.50Pantry
Extra large veg box £22.00Veg boxes
Fairtrade bananas £1.33/500gFruit
Fennel (homegrown) £1.70Juicing
Garlic - 2 bulbs £1.30Vegetables
Gift voucher - extra large veg box £22.00Gift Vouchers
Gift voucher - large veg box (fewer roots) £18.05Gift Vouchers
Gift voucher - large veg box £16.95Gift Vouchers
Gift voucher - medium veg box (fewer roots) £14.75Gift Vouchers
Gift voucher - medium veg box £13.65Gift Vouchers
Ginger 100g £1.19Juicing
Juicing apples (homegrown) £10.50/3KgJuicing
Juicing beetroot (homegrown)Juicing
Kale - Cavolo Nero (homegrown) £2.34/300gJuicing
Kale - Curly green (homegrown) £2.25/300gJuicing
Large fruit bag £11.05Fruit
Large veg box (fewer roots) £18.05Veg boxes
Large veg box £16.95Veg boxes
Leeks (homegrown) £1.95/500gVegetables
Lemons x 2 £1.42Fruit
Lettuce £2.10Salad and fresh herbs
Medium veg box (fewer roots) £14.75Veg boxes
Medium veg box £13.65Veg boxes
Mixed salad leaves (homegrown) £2.40/120gSalad and fresh herbs
Mushrooms (UK grown) £1.50/200gVegetables
Onion (homegrown) £0.95/500gVegetables
Onion - red (homegrown) £1.65/500gVegetables
Oranges £2.10/600gFruit
Parsnips (homegrown) £1.98/600gVegetables
Pears £2.60/600gFruit
Pepper - red pointed £1.25Salad and fresh herbs
Potatoes - Milva (homegrown) £0.96/600gVegetables
Potatoes - Milva 5kg bag (homegrown) £6.18Bagged root veg
Salad rocket leaves (homegrown) £1.75/100gSalad and fresh herbs
Small fruit bag £7.15Fruit
Small veg box (fewer roots) £11.80Veg boxes
Small veg box £10.95Veg boxes
Spinach - perpetual (homegrown) £2.40/300gVegetables
Squash - Celebration (homegrown) £1.80Vegetables
Squash - Crown Prince (homegrown) £2.50/1KgVegetables
Stream Farm apple juice £3.50Pantry
Swede (homegrown) £1.18/500gVegetables
Sweet potato £3.00/600gVegetables
Tomatoes 'on-the-vine' £2.75/500gJuicing
Tomatoes - cherry £2.25/250gSalad and fresh herbs
Turmeric - 50g £0.90Juicing
Vegetable scrubbing brush £2.46Pantry
Winter greens (homegrown) £2.20Vegetables