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Potato harvest

For a little while it looked like the wet weather was going to upset our potato harvest and then rather unexpectedly the clouds lifted and presented a window for us to finish.  Our ground dries quickly so after just 2 days without rain we were back in the field lifting spuds. As the week went by and the soil dried, the old (1986) harvester ran more easily and our pace quickened. We have finished now and the potatoes are in store in large wooden boxes. We chill them to 2 C and with any luck they will feed us until next spring. It's a good feeling to complete a harvest especially as we have had to contend with some major breakdowns and lots of niggles as well as the weather, along the way. In spite of the Blighty year and losing most of the tops earlier than we would have likes, to potato blight, we have seen very little tuber blight and had good crops of earlies (Sunita), second earlies (Charlotte) and main crop. Of the main crops Allouette has faired much better than Marfona and we estimate a yield of 20t/ha.  Marfona has proved to be more susceptible to slugs and it looks like 50% may be affected to some degree. It's interesting to note the reduced slug damage in Allouette. As always there are pockets of Wireworm but not too bad.

We grade all the potatoes before they go in the veg box but I'm trusting that you will be tolerant of some pest damage. We can reduce waste by using potatoes which supermarkets would discard.  As a child in the sixties I recall peeling potatoes and knowing what the pointy end was for.

 Because we don't irrigate out potatoes their taste is much more intense and less watery. I hope you enjoy them.