As we look forward to our homegrown cherry tomatoes, once again I read that we have set a new weather record as the warmest/driest May on record comes to a very hot end.

Although the lack of rain helps to manage the weeds we find ourselves in the ignominious position of pumping irrigation water from the deep earth to save the crops and the weeds. The drought follows recent trends on the farm, which would predict a wettish summer and hopefully a lovely warm autumn.

I am writing to let you know that we have slightly increased the price of our veg boxes. The new prices can be found on the 'Boxes' page.

While we work hard to keep our costs to a minimum and have managed to maintain prices for 2 years, rising costs in areas that are key to our business (e.g. packaging, (particularly compostable), transport, wages, machinery, plants and seed) have necessitated this modest price rise.