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100% home compostable produce bags from GMO-free thistle starch

After many months of searching we are pleased to announce that we have sourced a fully compostable (plastic free) bag which we can use to pack leafy produce.  Our bags are made using GMO-free starch from thistles, and will break down fully in a compost bin (or heap) at home, or they can be put in your brown food-waste bin.  These bags are the cutting edge in starch-based compostables and are now a little bit see-through; with a bit of luck you should be able to discern your salad leaves from your spinach.  Like the first generation compostables, they "breath", so wet leaves will not turn slimy after a week in your fridge but they may wilt. You may have already noticed that we are experimenting with packing some of the more robust greens, like broccoli and kale, loose into our veg boxes, and whenever temperatures are low, we will continue to avoid the use of bags altogether. Keep an eye out for greens in your veg box that could do with being put in a tupperware box in your fridge (leafy greens and salad leaves) or rejuvinated, by putting the base of the plant in a bowl of water (whole lettuce, celery, leeks), or just eaten as soon as possible (broccoli, purple sprouting).