Price changes

It's hard to tell but the lazy weeding crew weeding beetroot a month or so ago were baking in temperatures approaching 29 C.  With the recent rain I'm always amazed how quickly the daily angst of the drought drifts from my memory and leaves me to sleep sounder in my bed. It hardly rained at all in 3 months at the farm; it was as tough as anything I can recall in my 20 years of growing.

I am writing to let you know that we have slightly increased the price of our veg boxes. The new prices can be found on the 'Boxes' page.

While we work hard to keep our costs to a minimum and have managed to maintain prices for 2 years, rising costs in areas that are key to our business (e.g. wages, packaging, machinery, parts, plants and seed) have necessitated this modest price rise. 

In addition, in order to make the delivery of our small veg boxes viable we have slightly increased their contents value by 50p. So, whilst the small veg boxes will now cost £1 more, they will contain more veg.

As I said above the rain has quickly washed away our worries and although it has been a tricky year and we have had some crop problems there is always something that does well. I'm pretty sure we'll have some of the best butternut squash we've ever grown! In general our crops are beginning to benefit from the recent rain and we are looking forward to a bountiful autumn and  winter.

Your support is very much appreciated 

Thank you
Richard Plowright