The 'big carrot' misconception

So who thinks big carrots are tough? Well, this old myth, along with 'baby carrots are sweeter' is an idea that we come up against from time to time, usually while chatting to customers in the farm shop. Big carrots are just as crunchy, sweet and delicious as the smaller ones, the 'tough' bit comes into play when a carrot begins to bolt (flower initiation) in the spring of its' second year; the vascular tissue of the core changes, and becomes drier and tough. We harvest our carrots each week to bring you carrots fresh out the ground but as spring approaches, the trick is to harvest and store the remaining crop well before this flowering process begins.

The presumption that new season, baby carrots are sweeter than main crop carrots, is again, not entirely accurate. Young carrots tend to have a lovely and special flavour but fully developed carrots are usually sweeter because a carrot plant stores sugar in it's root, to provide the energy required for flowering.