A restful holiday?

With Richard finally taking a holiday this year (his first week long break in 15 years!), we’ve been left to man the fort and ensure there are no hiccups with our delivery service. He’s gone to sleep in a tent with Remke and their two small children in Devon, with a rather optimistic pile of holiday reading. We’re really hoping he comes back refreshed, relaxed and having got at least part way through his books, rather than stiff, under-slept and longing for his bed! It can go either way with camping.

Aside from the minor crisis of Joel being locked out of the office at 10pm last night, it’s all been running rather smoothly. That many of the growers live here at the farm, makes life infinitely easier. We’re hoping to prove to Richard that he really can do this more often (whether or not in a tent).

In other news, we’re now in the final stages of weeding for the year; there’s  a bit more to do in the autumn for the overwintering crops, but for now, the ‘lazy weeder’ is about to be retired to the shed. Most of the planting of winter brassicas has been done, and we’ve sown the first batch of winter salad. We’ve done this a little earlier this year, due to demand. It should be ready to crop in 8 weeks. We’ll follow it up with another winter sowing in mid-September.

Usually we clear the ground in the polytunnels after Christmas, but this year we plan to get them cleared out in mid-October, ready for some early sowing of plants such as carrots, pak choi, true spinach and peas. The aim is to fill in the hungry gap of April-June as much as possible next year.

Curly kale and red onion squash are now being harvested, and the tomatillos and plum tomatoes are not far behind. They should be ready next week, along with the ruby red Discovery apples that are dripping from the trees in the orchard.

It really is a great time of year for fruit and veg!