Cometh the summer, cometh the veg

It’s an exciting time of year for vegetables. The hungry gap is finally over, and the fields and polytunnels are rich with plant life. We’re harvesting plump, aromatic bulbs of fennel; beautiful, shiny young courgettes; rich and meaty aubergines, and crunchy, sweet cucumbers. The iron rich chard and spinach are still going strong and the polytunnels are providing us with lovely young salad onions, knobbly and delicious kohl rabi, resplendent striped chioggia beetroot and our own sweet, bunched carrots. By next week we hope the new potatoes will also be our own.

So despite the sorrow we experienced this month as crows uprooted a field of leeks looking for wire worm larvae, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, it feels like a time for optimism. Each week we see another round of tender young vegetables making their debuts, and the reviews they receive make all the work feel worthwhile. So here’s to another healthy summer, packed full of colourful and nutritious, organic veg!