The polytunnels burst into life

The polytunnels are bursting into life here at Stowey Rocks Farm. The peppers, aubergines and tomatoes have shot shot up, seemingly overnight, and the basil is being planted: as we sow, we're reminded of the overwhelming aroma that hits you when you walk into the tunnels in July and August, and are left longing for that unbeatable summer partnership of tomato with homegrown basil, drenched in olive oil, and mopped up with crunchy bread... not long now.

The tomatillo plants are in, so get your Mexican cook books to the ready, and the fantastically crunchy, radish like brassica that is kohl rabi is now being harvested, along with our first crop of coriander for the year.

The end of the hungry gap is in sight, and the short break we've had to take from our 100% homegrown boxes is drawing to a close. As we hit June, you'll start to see more and more tender young homegrown vegetables become available. It's an exciting - and very tasty - time!