Managed by the weather

We planted our onions last week, and were promptly met by rain. Good news for the onions, not so good for the raised beds that needed to be made up for the carrots. If only we could control the weather and allow it to rain in one field and not another.

In other news, kohl rabi is now in season. It’s one of the lesser known vegetables that we grow, and is often met with bewilderment when provided in our box scheme. But kohl rabi is a fabulous vegetable, both raw and cooked. It tastes like the deliciously crunchy lovechild of cabbage and turnip, and it works wonderfully in a slaw or a gratin, fried in fritters, roasted or diced and steamed and served with oil, parsley and black pepper. Its arrival, along with raddish, is met with excitement here at the farm, as they're our first harvest from the polytunnels this year.