Get healthy in 2016: discover fermentation

The amount of veg we grow in this country diminishes between February and May, with April-May having become known as the ‘hungry gap’. While we've been working hard to close the gap and provide you with as much fresh veg as is humanly possible, fermentation - the traditional method of preserving vegetables - can help keep you in a more varied, but still local, diet. Fermented foods are now all the rage, as unlike chutneys and jams, they don't need sugar, and are brimming with probiotic health benefits.

White and red cabbages have not always been popular veg here at Stowey Rocks farm, but with the rise of fermentation, their prospects are being transformed. As we edge towards the end of their wintery season, a good sauerkraut can make them both sexy and immortal. It's suddenly a very exciting time to be a cabbage.

The leaves of a white cabbage are covered in the perfect bacteria for fermentation, which is why it is the traditional sauerkraut vegetable. However, as long as white cabbage forms the base of your kraut, you can throw in all sorts of other veg to the mix. And it’s really simple to make! For a basic recipe, visit the recipe page of our website.