The awe and excitement of Bristol

Our veg box deliveries in Bristol and Weston-super-mare are going well. I'm doing the deliveries myself and really enjoying it; filled with awe and excitement by the people and buildings of Bristol city. In the morning there is a section heading through the harbour when I am in a cloud of cyclists (heads down heading for the office).  A friend from the Soil Association taps on my window, shouts hello then speeds off leaving me trapped at the lights. The youth and energy of Bristol.  And then out into the 'leafy' Bristol suburbs Clifton, Henleaze and north to Southmead then west to Easton, St. Werburghs and St George and then south into Southville and Bedminster. What strikes me is how there is peace and tranquility down every street away from the main routes.  Bristol truly is a big village. When I leave a vegbox on a doorstep in the city it's different. I get a stronger sense of the journey that we have nurtured the vegetables through to that point.  A sense of release "you're on your own now". Remke says I should get out more.  I'm off to plant some winter cauliflower now and I've pictured some that are ready now.