Bristol here we come

On 1st July we are returning to Bristol with our vegboxes, where we first delivered to colleagues at the Soil Association HQ some fourteen years ago.  Back then, Remke and I worked part time in Bristol to sustain our agricultural lives.  We would harvest and pack in an hour, before leaving at 7 am for our commute to Bristol. Our vegboxes were luxuriant and the talk of the town (in discrete circles).  It's a cathartic moment as we wait with baited breath to see if the people of Bristol, friends and family (who have longed for this day) are ready for our own farm grown and packed organic vegetables. We are still a small band, unfettered by the shackles of farm subsidies of any kind. On the land we are 4 people, myself, Adam,Owen and our French student Guillian.  In packing and delivery we have Jenny and Joel. Sally is marketing and Remke is quality control, love and affection. Try one of our vegboxes! Pack your own vegbox if you're not happy with our selection. You will not be disappointed.

Richard Plowright